Saturday 13 July 2024
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Nottingham attacks: Families of stabbing victims call for Independent Inquiry

Valdo Calocane handed a hospital order on Thursday for killing Barnaby Webber and Grace O’Malley-Kumar, both 19, and Ian Coates, 65, in Nottingham on 13 June 2023.

The families attended 10 Downing St on Monday 29 January and met with The Prime Minister, Home Secretary James Cleverly, Health Secretary Victoria Atkins and Justice Minister Alex Chalk.

Emma Webber, Barnaby’s mother said:

‘We were listened to. We did feel listened to. We met the prime minister. We met James Cleverly, Victoria Atkins and Alex Chalk.

‘We were grateful for their time. We’ve had a decent amount of time with them. I suppose what remains is the next steps that they’re going to take.’

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‘So I’m hopeful.’

Dr Sanjoy Kumar, father of Grace O’Malley-Kumar said:

‘We are never going to give up with some of the failings that have taken place.

‘And we’ve made that very clear to everyone we met today. And I think the important thing is that what has started in terms of a review initially takes its course because it’s a quick way of reporting, as we’ve been reassured.

‘And then after that, if we are not satisfied, we’ve also reassured that if it takes an Independent Inquiry, then that is what will happen.’

Barnaby’s parents were interviewed about thew events of 13 June 2023.

‘I don’t know how I’m still standing. And if somebody had said to me on the 11 June or the 12 June that this would happen to me, I would have said, I couldn’t cope with that. He was just the most brilliant boy. He’s beautiful. It’s easy to say people are beautiful inside and out.

‘And he really was. But was obstinate. He was stubborn. He was really human. He was really genuine. He’s probably the most genuine human being I’ve ever met. He was just funny and he was loving his life and he was living it every single minute. He wasn’t going to go out that night because he didn’t feel he wanted to.

‘And then some friends came round. Quite late on, and said, look, come on, get out, you know.

‘Then he ended up going out.

‘I was watching BBC News and I. We were trying to ring and he wasn’t answering his phone.

‘So we did find my friend and it wasn’t in his halls. Ilkeston Road came up on the news and Dave said, Barney’s phone’s in Ilkeston Road. And it was that blood run cold minute and you think, oh, my God. We pulled into a pub on the road.

‘We pulled into the car park and she told us that Barnaby’s wallet had been found and they were pretty sure it was Barnaby. And, yeah, my world just fell apart. The message you dread the most, they said the word deceased – just recently it was Barnaby’s birthday. He would have turned 20.

‘Family and friends met at his old cricket club to raise a glass to a much missed son, brother and friend. You’re looking at all the boys and girls that have grown up with him and he’s not here and it’s so painful. His journey is finished. And that’s the bit that hurts the most.’

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