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Nottingham child rapist’s distinctive gait leads to arrest and life sentence

A violent Nottingham child rapist was caught after a passing police officer noticed his distinctive walk.

Shane Nash, aged 39, was walking with two friends along Muirfield Road, Top Valley, on 31 January when he was spotted by an officer travelling in a marked patrol car.

Rise Park rape

Two days earlier he had raped a teenage girl after grabbing her in a dark alleyway near Rise Park and threatening her.

Parts of the attack were captured on CCTV and footage of the attacker was later shared in a high-profile media appeal.

Distinctive walk

After viewing the footage the previous day, the officer’s eye was immediately drawn to Nash’s distinctive walking style and his high, square shoulders.

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Noticing that his clothing was similar to the suspect’s, she and her colleague immediately turned around and asked Nash to stop.

It soon became clear that he was also wearing the same clothes and distinctive grey trainers he was wearing at the time of the attack,

Further evidence was found when officers searched his bag and uncovered a black beanie hat and red sleeping bag referred to by the victim.


Nash, formerly of Boniface Gardens, Bestwood, was arrested on suspicion of rape but strenuously denied the allegations against him – even when confronted with irrefutable DNA evidence linking him to the crime.

He kept up this pretence until his second court appearance in March when he finally pleaded guilty to one count of rape and one of attempted rape.

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Appearing for sentence today he was jailed for life and will serve a minimum of 15 years. He was also added to the sex offenders’ register for life.

DI Craig Hall of Nottinghamshire Police

Detective Inspector Craig Hall, who led the investigation for Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was a horrific crime that shocked and appalled the local community. The victim in this case was simply walking home as she was grabbed and attacked.

“She is traumatised by what happened and this is likely to have a lasting impact upon her and her family.

“She has shown remarkable courage and dignity throughout the legal process and my thoughts are very much with her today.

“Nash’s behaviour, by contrast, has been appalling throughout. He has shown absolutely no remorse for what he did and continued to deny the offence even when presented with incontrovertible evidence of his guilt.

“He will now spend a considerable amount of time in jail, thanks in no small part to some excellent police work by the arresting officer and her colleague.

“I would also like to thank the dozens of other officers who worked so tirelessly to bring this truly dangerous individual to justice.”

Crown Prosecution Service

Matt Evans from the Crown Prosecution Service ( CPS ) said:

“Shane Nash subjected a young girl to a terrifying ordeal barely minutes from her home. The violent and merciless nature of the attack is reflected in today’s significant jail sentence.

“We are grateful that we have been able to get involved at an early stage to build a compelling case, resulting in a guilty plea.

“The survivor, in this case, has suffered severe trauma and has a long journey of recovery ahead of her.

“I hope that this swift resolution without having to relive her ordeal and seeing Shane Nash behind bars for life will assist in that journey.”

As well as a life sentence, the court imposed a lifelong restraining order preventing Nash from contacting the victim through any means.

Building the case:

To bring this case to a swift outcome, police officers investigating the attack referred the case to the CPS as soon as they had identified Shane Nash as a suspect. As a result, the prosecutor was able to provide early legal advice to the investigation while Nash was still in custody, including securing a fast-track forensic analysis to identify his DNA from the attack.

By working in tandem with the police as the investigation unfolded, and by focusing attention on the most important evidence, the CPS were able to put together a comprehensive case that left the defence with no option but to plead guilty. This meant that the survivor did not have to wait for a trial and then relive her ordeal in court.

To bring the matter to sentencing, the CPS presented evidence that Nash presented a danger to the public and this was reflected in the sentence.

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