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Nottingham rescue dog lives on a star of Kennel Club calendar

Each organisation featured in the calendar receives extra funding from The Kennel Club Charitable Trust to help with their work.


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A rescue dog from Nottinghamshire has been commemorated in the 2021 Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar.

The calendar is made up of stories and pictures of rescue dogs striking their best ‘pawse’ after overcoming the odds, highlighting the work of the organisations that gave them a second chance and found them loving new homes. The sales of the calendar raise funds for The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, one of the largest charities dedicated to dog health and welfare in the UK.

Gus, a rescue Bracco Italiano, who sadly passed away earlier in October, had spent a joyous two years with his rescuer, Rebecca Grant, a passionate dog lover and trainer from Eastwood. Rebecca adopted Gus after he was given up by his owners for being too ‘boisterous’, and through patient training, turned Gus into a model citizen.

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Gus was brought to the Bracco Italiano Society as a nine-month-old puppy by his owners who found his energy uncontrollable. Bracco Italianos are working dogs and require a lot of exercise. Their training is key from early age, which is something many new owners sadly underestimate.

“Training dogs, especially those bred to help hunters, can take time and I don’t think his previous owners understood that and just thought he was too wild,” commented Rebecca. “He was left a lot on his own and that can be very hard for any dog.

“I was very lucky to meet Gus through the rescue because his breed is quite unusual. He did come with a ‘list of issues’ but we worked really hard together and he turned out to be a great dog.”

Rebecca helped to manage Gus’s energy and give him opportunity to exercise, even competing with Gus in canicross, a cross-country running competition with dogs and their owners forming a team. Gus won his first race in 2019 when he was still a relative junior to the sport.

Rebecca added “I think rescuing dogs is very important. You are giving them a chance at a better life. Gus came to the rescue as a ‘trouble-maker’ and turned out to be talented, loving and intelligent dog. I am devastated over his loss but I am proud his story is featured in the calendar and gives us something to remember him by.”

Gus was rescued by the Bracco Italiano Society, which rescues and rehomes dogs across the UK. They often take in dogs which were rescued by other charities and help in the search for their forever homes to ensure they are united with an owner who is knowledgeable about the breed. The organisation also runs free consultation services for any behavioural issues that owners with Bracco Italianos might have.

Mechelle Jacques, rescue coordinator from the Bracco Italiano Society added: “Many of the dogs that come to us have medical or behavioural issues and we always ensure these are resolved before the dogs go to their new homes. We know people often give their dogs up because they don’t know how to handle their energy and behaviour and that’s why we want to help owners with any problems they are experiencing.”

Each organisation featured in the calendar receives extra funding from The Kennel Club Charitable Trust to help with their work. The Bracco Italiano Society plans to use their funds towards veterinary bills for dogs in their care.

Reverend Bill King, Chairman of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust said: “The calendar is a great platform for showcasing all these special dogs and their unique personalities while growing awareness about the important work of Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations.

“These vital organisations, often run voluntarily, do excellent work in matching the dogs with new owners and forever homes, helping those dogs leave their often troubled past behind.

“It is so important that, when buying a dog, owners do their research thoroughly in order to ensure they are buying the right dog for their family, to help prevent high numbers of dogs ending up in rescue.”

The money raised through the sale of the calendars will enable the Kennel Club Charitable Trust to continue to make a difference for dogs in 2021, by funding a wide variety of work ranging from research into canine diseases, supporting rescue centres and dog welfare organisations and training support dogs – all of which give dogs and their owners a healthier, happier life.

The Kennel Club Breed Rescue is now available at the Kennel Club online shop via this link for £5.

To find out more about how The Kennel Club Charitable Trust makes a difference for dogs, visit thekennelclub.org.uk/KCCT.