Thursday 22 February 2024
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Operation Sceptre engages with pupils at East Leake Academy

Police Constable Karen Crane visited East Leake Academy last month to start the conversation with Year 9 students about the dangers of knife crime.

She handed out posters and resources from the Violence Reduction Unit, along with police goodies for those who engaged positively and answered correctly myth busting questions about knife crime.
Last week, Rushcliffe officers finished their Op Sceptre week of action by engaging with young people and conducting proactive weapon sweeps in the Bingham and East Leake areas.
Officers engaged with schools, explaining the dangers of knife crime, during the week long Op Sceptre campaign which targeted taking the weapons off Nottingham’s streets.
Meanwhile, the local neighbourhood policing team stepped up high visibility patrols.
In Bingham officers spoke to young people whilst on patrol to offer them knife crime advice and also completed a sweep close in East Leake and Keyworth, with no weapons found.
Rushcliffe Inspector Craig Berry said: “It’s been a really varied couple of weeks of activities for the local officers and I must thank them for their dedication to tackle such an important issue.
“Operation Sceptre (held last week across the country) is just a snapshot of the ongoing year-round work carried out by Nottinghamshire Police and its partners, standing alongside local communities, to combat knife crime by bringing together all aspects of education, engagement and enforcement.
“Knives have no place on the streets of Nottinghamshire and we work tirelessly alongside partner agencies to catch offenders and prevent people becoming involved in knife crime in the first place.
“Every knife taken out of circulation is a potential life saved so we’re urging members of the public to support us by taking the chance to hand in any unwanted knives by using the bins so we can safely dispose of them.
“We all need to make it clear that carrying a knife should never be seen as acceptable and that knife crime will not be tolerated.
“We know young people across the county do store and stash weapons so we have searched public areas here in Rushcliffe , we have not found anything there so far.
“In the past six months we have only found one weapon during the knife sweeps. This demonstrated that it might be a one-off occurrence but we want to make sure that Rushcliffe is not a place where individuals were leaving weapons.
“Whilst the vast majority of people don’t carry knives or get involved in knife crime, we are working hard, with partner agencies to tackle the knife crime offences that occur and to help prevent them from happening in the first place.
“The team were also out in the community focusing on crime hot-spot areas. As ever, if you have information about knife crime or people that carry knives please get in touch with your local neighbourhood Policing team on 101.”