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Over 300 cars clamped at Tram Park & Rides in 7 months – Hucknall and Moor bridge will be next to see enforcement action

Nottingham Express Transit ( NET ) reports that 302 vehicles have been clamped at Park & Ride sites from January to July this year.

The total figure over the same period for parking violation action, including the clamped vehicles, was 1,164.

A report prepared for the Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transport Advisory Committee meeting which will take place on Tuesday 12 September states:

‘Parking enforcement patrols were extended during July to cover Toton Lane and
Wilkinson Street park and ride sites, reflected in an increase in enforcement action
recorded during the month.

‘Patrols have had a positive effect in the Toton Lane area with some reduction in ASB driving being reported thanks to the visibility of enforcement patrols.’

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‘Parking Enforcement Patrols are planned to progress to all other park and ride sites with Hucknall and Moor Bridge commencing in early September.’

Trevor Stocker, NET’s Head of Operations, explained: “The initiative has been well received by the vast majority of park and ride users, who recognise that the behaviour of a small minority makes life more difficult for everyone else, particularly those with restricted mobility.

“In response to the feedback from customers, our enforcement action has been introduced at two other sites where we receive reports of drivers leaving their cars when they are not using the tram or, in the case of Wilkinson Street Park and Ride, the Medilink buses. Motorists parked outside bays, encroaching on other spaces or using disabled spaces without a Blue Badge will also be targeted.

“Signage has been installed to inform people of the bye-laws regulating the facilities, and to highlight that unlawful parking could result in their cars being clamped, for which they will have to pay a £140 fee for it to be released. Alternatively, motorists could receive a charge of £200 if the vehicle needs to be removed from the site.”

“Any charges applied for the release of vehicles will cover the cost of the enforcement action, and a robust appeals process is in place for anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly.

“Five per cent of the charges will also be donated to charities that help NET make the tramway safer for everyone” Trevor added.

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