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Sunday, 29 November 2020

Patient chases nurse through Nottingham’s QMC corridor wielding a knife

The 51-year-old then pulled a knife and was waving it around while shouting at the nurse, who activated an emergency alarm.


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A nurse has been chased by a man wielding a knife after caring for him for three days.

Jaraslaw Jarosz was a patient at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre when he took a knife out of his coat pocket and chased a nurse down a corridor.

Jarosz became violent when he was woken up by a light being turned on just before 4am on Monday 21 September.

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He ripped a duvet off the bed of a fellow patient and was shouting at another person on the ward.

Jarosz then left the ward and a nurse followed him to try and prevent him leaving the hospital so he could that he could continue his treatment.

A security guard from the hospital approached the defendant, persuaded him to put down the knife and detained him until police arrived.

Police Constable Ashleigh Small, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We all know what a difficult year it’s been for people working in the NHS, who have selflessly carried on caring for those in need despite really challenging circumstances.

“That makes Jarosz’s actions even more despicable – that he would pull a knife on the very person who had been trying to bring him back to health.

“I would like to commend the actions of the security guard, whose bravery ensured that this incident did not become more serious than it already was.

“We will always take the strongest action possible when people use violence against emergency workers. I’m glad that we were able to put Jarosz before the court for what he did.”

A spokeswoman for Nottingham University Hospitals said: “Our staff are doing an incredible job in very difficult circumstances.

“We will not tolerate violence or harassment towards them in any circumstances, and will work cooperatively with the police to bring offenders to justice, and to support the staff involved.”

Jarosz, of Denstone Road in St Ann’s, Nottingham, was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court today (27 October).

He was sentenced to ten months in prison suspended for 24 months and ordered to undertake 120 hours of community service, after pleading guilty to threatening a person with an offensive weapon at an earlier hearing.