Sunday 19 May 2024
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Pictures show fire crews removing flood water from Bestwood Village

Crews used a high-volume pump to remove flood water from the village.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service Ashfield Station said:

‘High Volume Pump removing flood water at Bestwood Village yesterday.

‘Our firefighters would like to thank those residents for their kind words and understanding while we dealt with this incident.

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‘Unfortunately, not everyone in the area was as understanding, we had vehicles pressing their horns for us to move, cars driving too fast and close to our firefighters.

‘We did try to keep as much of the road open as we could, we could have closed much more off, we understand we have a fine balance to keep our firefighters safe and let the public go about their daily business.

•  Fire crews assist evacuation and aid to Newark area flood victims

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‘To those that were not as understanding please note we did try our best to get the flood water moved and roads re-opened as quickly as we could.’

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