Thursday 26 May 2022
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Plans for 100 homes near Radford Road police custody suite

More than 100 new homes could be built close to the new multi-million Nottinghamshire Police custody suite in Radford Road.

Full planning permission is being sought for the residential development of 114 build-to-rent homes.

The application has been submitted by Marrons Planning on behalf of Strata Homes.

The application site forms the northern part of the former British Gas Works area on the western side of Radford Road.

Nottingham City Council says the site is “undeveloped, disused and overgrown and has been vacant for many years”.

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There would be 71 two-bedroom homes and 43 three-bedroom homes. Parking would be provided at the front of the properties.

The proposal has been amended since an original submission, providing pedestrian links, crossings and public and private green spaces.

Footpaths within the site would be connected to the existing highway and bus stop.

But some concerns have been raised by residents over traffic issues.

Nottingham Civic Society also has some reservations about the design and layout of the proposed housing.

Planning officers at Nottingham City Council have recommended that the application is granted planning permission.

They said: “Permission has already been granted for a veterinary surgery and police custody suite within the allocated site.

“The proposed development would provide family housing within the private rented sector for the remainder of the site allocation.

“The proposed development would not only ensure the provision of much needed new homes, but it would also secure and maximise the regeneration of this longstanding brownfield site,

“The Civic Society has raised concern about layout of the site being repetitive and parking-dominated.

“The amended scheme would provide additional green and amenity space as overall plot parking has been reduced to one bay per plot.

“This would ensure that car parking does not dominate the street scene whilst maintaining the density of the scheme.”

The Environment Agency’s flood map for planning shows the site lies within Flood Zones 1, 2, and 3 (low, medium, and high risk).

The council says the application has been supported by a detailed Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) which shows that the site and surrounding area are at medium to high risk of flooding from the River Leen and Day Brook.

Proposed flood mitigation measures are being negotiated with the Environment Agency and council to reach a solution.

Councillors will decide whether to grant planning permission when they meet on Wednesday, May 18.

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