Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Plans to upgrade access control and CCTV Systems for Nottingham Cycle Parks

Nottingham City Council is to upgrade the access control and CCTV systems for Nottingham Cycle Parks.



Nottingham Cycle Parks, a well-regarded scheme, has been operational for 10 years, offering secure cycle parking to encourage active travel to workplaces, leisure destinations, and local centres.

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The council says that the scheme contributes to improving Nottingham’s air quality, reducing carbon emissions, supporting the economic development of local centres, and enhancing individual health, wellbeing, and satisfaction with the local area. However, the current access control and CCTV system is nearing the end of its usable life and requires urgent replacement.

Decision Details:

The council has decided to invite suppliers to quote for and award a contract for the installation of a modern access control and CCTV system at all Nottingham Cycle Parks.

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The contract will also include the operation and maintenance of CCTV and overseeing general maintenance and upkeep of all Nottingham Cycle Parks, including out-of-hours emergency repairs.

The contract will be for a minimum of 3 years, with annual reviews allowing for 2-year extensions subject to performance.


The upgrade and new operating and maintenance contract are expected to reduce the risk of cycle theft and vandalism, improve user experience to retain and attract customers, and ensure best value by reviewing products, costs, and options presented by suppliers. Without this investment, increased service and maintenance costs would be incurred.

Other Options and Rejections:

Several other options were considered, including extending the existing contract, waiting until a new council access control and CCTV framework is in place, and bringing the entire Nottingham Cycle Parks scheme in-house. However, these were rejected due to various reasons such as potential immediate closure of all the Nottingham Cycle Parks, higher operating and maintenance costs, and lack of capacity or expertise to operate the scheme directly.

Procurement and Compliance:

The decision to undertake a competitive process for the provision of a new access control & CCTV system, including a fixed-term maintenance contract, complies with the Contract Procedure Rules and best value. The approach to sourcing the requirement does not pose any commercial risk to the Council. Work is underway to create a CCTV and Entry System framework across the Council to aggregate spend and create a standardised solution.

The value and cost of the decision is exempt from the public report because of commercial considerations.

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