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Police target speeding in Radcliffe as Rushcliffe operation continues


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The operation was carried out on 15 September in Nottingham Road Radcliffe.

A spokesperson from Nottinghamshire Police in Rushcliffe said:

‘Speeding is a widespread concern which affects many communities

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‘Please be reassured that we do carry out speeding checks and drivers are dealt with as appropriate.

‘We will advise motorists, caution or prosecute them depending upon each individual circumstance.

‘There is no specific pattern to this problem so we will target speeding drivers at various times of day, particularly during the morning and afternoon rush hour.

‘Speed limits may not always seem sensible or lower than you think it should be, but you should be aware that these limits are not set randomly, a great deal of consideration is given to these limits and they are often influenced by the history of that road, including the number of accidents and road deaths, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, that have occurred.

‘Reports of speeding vehicles are one of the most common offences reported to Nottinghamshire Police and these reports are taken seriously and our officers do target areas of persistent offending.’

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