Monday 5 December 2022
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Police warning as Organised Crime Groups visit Nottingham city to steal mobile phones

Inspector Gummer from Nottinghamshire Police’s City Centre force sends this warning to people on nights out in the city.

Inspector Gummer says that there were 84 more crimes of this type than last year, adding that investigations show that organised crime groups are coming to Nottingham specifically to steal phones from people in pubs and clubs.

He said:

‘The crime type that most notably increased in October was ‘theft’ which saw an increase of 84 crimes compared to the previous year.

‘The biggest driver within those figures was an increase in the theft of mobiles phones from people – particularly late at night in pubs and clubs.

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‘The investigation into those crimes continues but we have established that there are organised groups who are travelling into Nottingham city centre to deliberately target people who drink in pubs, clubs and on the streets late at night.

‘Lots of people rely on smart phones for all kinds of purposes, including getting themselves home after a night out – so not having your phone at the end of the night can leave you stranded.

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‘The thieves target people in drink because they know they will be less careful and less aware of things happening around them. Many victims are unaware of exactly where and when the phone was taken, only realising they have been a victim as they go to get the taxi home or similar.

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‘It is unrealistic of the police to suggest not taking your phone on a night out and equally unrealistic for me to expect those out drinking to get more careful about their phones as the night goes on and the alcohol flows – so please think about your phone, how and where you will carry it when you are out to keep it safe and make that plan now in the sober light of day.

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‘That way you will be much more likely to see the phone ‘the day after the night before’ when you can find out from the videos and photos, what it is that you forgot and maybe why you feel like you do!’

•  Image released after distraction phone theft at city centre restaurant

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