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Rapist who assaulted schoolgirl at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest jailed

A man who crept into bed with a teenage girl before sexually assaulting and raping her has been jailed.

Caden Crossley, aged 29, had been on holiday at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest when the assault happened.

After rowing with his partner, Crossley sought sanctuary in a neighbouring lodge after previously getting to know the occupants.

As others in the building were sleeping in June 2022, Crossley went into his victim’s bedroom and subjected her to a prolonged sexual assault.

The schoolgirl then raised the alarm and police were called shortly afterwards.

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From the moment of his arrest Crossley denied having any sexual contact with his victim.

He kept up this pretence through three subsequent police interviews – even when confronted with damning DNA evidence proving he was lying.

With a trial date fast approaching, Crossley, formerly of Leeds, eventually pleaded guilty to rape, assault by penetration and sexual assault.

Appearing at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday (18 January) he was given a 12 year extended sentence.

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Crossley, who is already serving a five-year jail sentence after he was convicted of firearms offences in March 2023, will also be the subject of a sexual harm prevention order that will restrict his activities when he is released from prison.

Detective Constable Gemma Sidebottom, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Crossley raped and sexually assaulted a child as she slept and has rightly received a very significant jail sentence today.

“His actions that day were utterly despicable and have unsurprisingly had a very significant impact on his victim and her family.

“In subsequent police interviews – including one conducted in jail – Crossley repeatedly denied anything had happened, calling into question the honesty of the victim in his case.

“Even when confronted with incontrovertible DNA evidence of this crime, he carried on lying about what had happened – adding further stress for his victim and her family.

“As his case finally comes to an end, I would like to place on record my thanks to the victim  who has shown immense bravery throughout this process.

“I hope this sentence gives her at least some degree of closure.”

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