Monday 4 December 2023
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Ruth Edwards welcomes brand new hospital announced in Rushcliffe

Ruth Edwards has welcomed the announcement today that the Government has signed off on the new National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) at Stanford Hall in Rushcliffe as one of the Governments 40 new hospitals.

The NRC will be built at Stanford Hall, next to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC).

The DMRC offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation services combining technology with proven therapy for military personnel who have suffered serious trauma or illness.

The NHS will now have an equivalent service with 70 beds for certain patients who would normally be discharged from hospital following traumatic injury, long-term illness or surgery.

Patients with the most complex needs will be eligible for specialist inpatient care at the NRC which will significantly improve their recovery.

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Through working with the East Midlands Trauma Centre, the DMRC, as well as other specialist centres and academic research partners, the NRC will bring together best practice to provide world-leading care for its patients.

Ruth has been a strong supporter of the NRC project as it has made its way through the sign-off processes of the Department of Health and the Treasury, regularly writing letters of support and requesting updates.

Ruth said:

“I am delighted that Rushcliffe will be home to this world-beating rehabilitation centre, which will provide high-quality care for those with specialist needs post-injury or surgery.

“In Rushcliffe, we have been very proud to host servicemen and women as they rehab traumatic injuries, many of which were sustained in service to our country, and now I am really pleased that civilians will be able to access similar services on the NHS.

“I will continue to be in regular contact with Nottinghamshire Universities Healthcare Trust and be ready to help with the delivery of the NRC, as we aim to get the first patients through the door towards the end of next year.”

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