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The Friary Winter Appeal: Huge increase in demand expected in 2024

Homelessness charity the Friary in West Bridgford has recently launched its annual Winter Appeal.

The appeal focuses on services being implemented next year aimed at improving the wellbeing of visitors to the charity.

These will include an increase in one-to-one emotional support and the launch of the charity’s allotment project, part of the organisation’s aim to focus on activities that improve the mental health and well-being of visitors to the drop-in centre.

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Chief Executive Ben Talbot also makes reference to some of the successful outcomes that the organisation has helped its visitors achieve over the last 12 months.

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“A lot of the new initiatives at the Friary are aimed at preventative work and supporting people to deal with their issues before they become too much.

“It’s also important to highlight some of the successes that the Friary team have helped visitors to the centre to achieve over the last 12 months such as


–          Moving from homelessness to accommodation (both temporary and permanent).

–          Resolving and reaching an agreement on rent arrears to avoid unnecessary evictions.

–          Ensuring awareness and support to access appropriate benefits.

–          Opening bank accounts.

–          Applying for formal ID.

–          Moving into training, volunteering and employment.

–          GP registration.

–          Accessing physical/mental health support services.

–          Accessing drug/alcohol support services.

–          Gaining EU settled status.


Ben believes it is hard to see where the support and advocacy would come for if it weren’t for the Friary


‘Many visitors to our Centre feel they have been let down at times in their lives and trust is a significant issue for them.

‘Over the years the organisation has built up a trust with those who need support, and it is this trust that goes a long way to ensuring we can help them achieve these outcomes and progress in their lives.

‘We recently did a visitor survey and the theme of having nowhere else to turn to came up again and again.

‘We anticipate that some of the dramatic financial cuts that are going to be necessary in Nottingham in the near future are going to affect people at risk of homelessness.

‘There will undoubtedly be an increased need for the Friary services and put an increased financial pressure on the organisation. We are already seeing this pressure and any contributions that supporters are able to make to our appeal will make a difference to the lives of those most in need as we seek to help them progress to a brighter future’

If you are able to make a donation to the Friary Winter Appeal please see a link to the Just Giving page

Friary Winter Appeal 2023/2024 – JustGiving

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