Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Twelve drivers given prosecution notices in speeding crackdown

Officers in Gedling ran a speeding operation on the same day at the Bonner Lane junction with Park Road East.

Twelve drivers were caught speeding and all issued with notice of intended prosecutions.

Members of the Gedling neighbourhood policing team used a mixture of engagement, education and enforcement during the day of action, held on 24 October.

Another driver was reported for summons and had his vehicle seized after being caught driving without insurance and driving with a provisional licence.

Neighbourhood policing sergeant Stuart Howe, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We get a lot of complaints about the illegal and dangerous use of e-scooters as well as speeding.

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“As a force our priority is to keep people safe and we continue to work hard to engage with people and make sure they understand the law and the implications of using an e-scooter on a road or other public place.

•  Illegal e-scooter crushed by police in day of action

“We will continue to take appropriate and proportionate action against those who break the law and will investigate reports such as the dangerous or antisocial riding of these vehicles.

“We also believe the use of e-scooters can be linked to other criminality as well, such as drug dealing, and we are working closely with partners to combat this issue and to protect our communities from harm.

Tackling and reducing speeding is a local policing priority. As our latest operational activity has shown, we will listen to residents’ concerns and take positive action.

“Our work to prevent and reduce speeding and the illegal and antisocial use of e-scooters is ongoing and I’d like to reassure residents we will take appropriate action against anyone caught breaking the law.”


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