Thursday 22 February 2024
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Two Rushcliffe schools could be expanded as feasibility studies get go ahead

Nottinghamshire County Council has released cash to allow feasibility studies for the expansion of schools in Radcliffe on Trent and Bingham.

Nottinghamshire County Council has laid out a significant proposal for the expansion of Toot Hill Academy in Bingham and South Notts Academy in Radcliffe .

The strategic decision, detailed in a recent council report dated 11th December 2023, highlights the council’s approach to educational needs in the region.

Urgent Need for Additional School Places

The report, prepared by the Director of Green Growth Investment and Assets, underlines an imminent shortage of secondary school places in the area. By September 2024, there will be a notable deficit, escalating to a need for an additional 400 pupil places in the Rushcliffe East planning area by the 2029-30 academic year. This scenario has prompted the council to take action to ensure that educational infrastructure keeps pace with the growing population.

Toot Hill Academy

Toot Hill Academy, already earmarked for refurbishment or rebuilding under the Schools Rebuilding Programme (SRP), is set to undergo a significant expansion. The plan includes a permanent increase of 1 Form Entry (1FE), aiming to alleviate immediate space concerns. The funding for this expansion is expected to come from a mix of Housing Developer Contributions (HDCs) and the Council’s Basic Need programme. However, the exact timeline for the Toot Hill rebuild remains uncertain, emphasizing the need for an immediate expansion plan.

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A feasibility study, funded through a Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) of £35,000, is to be undertaken by Nova Education Trust. This study is crucial for the council to explore viable options for this expansion, with Arc partnership overseeing the study on behalf of the council. The outcomes of this study will pave the way for detailed design proposals and associated costs, set to be reviewed and approved in subsequent phases.

South Nottinghamshire Academy

South Nottinghamshire Academy, having undergone recent expansion, is considered for a possible further increase of 1-2 Form Entries (FE), equivalent to 150-300 additional places. However, the feasibility of this expansion is not certain, necessitating a detailed study.

To explore expansion possibilities, a feasibility study will be conducted, funded by a Grant Funding Agreement (GFA) of £35,000. This study will be carried out by Redhill Academy Trust, with oversight from Arc partnership on behalf of the council. The study’s findings will guide the development of detailed design proposals and cost assessments.

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