Sunday 14 July 2024
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West Bridgford: Former teacher banned after sexual abuse of pupils

Mr. Richard Taylor, a former teacher at Cantrell Primary School in Nottingham, has been permanently prohibited from teaching following a series of criminal convictions.

The Professional Conduct Panel, representing the Secretary of State for Education, concluded its investigation into Mr. Taylor’s conduct, revealing a disturbing pattern of criminal behavior, including indecent assault and assault of minors.

Mr. Taylor, of Exchange Road West Bridgford, allegations came to light following his arrest in November 2017, leading to his suspension from the school in December of the same year.

The seriousness of the offences, which involved two counts of indecent assault on a girl under 14 and nine counts of assault on a girl under 13 by touching, was underscored by his subsequent conviction in February 2022 at the Nottingham Crown Court.

The court’s sentence of 13 years imprisonment highlighted the severity of his actions.

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The panel, in its review, found Mr. Taylor in breach of numerous professional standards, including maintaining public trust, safeguarding pupils’ well-being, and upholding high standards of ethics and behavior. The absence of any remorse or mitigation from Mr. Taylor played a significant role in the decision.

In a move to protect students and maintain public confidence in the teaching profession, the Secretary of State upheld the panel’s recommendation for a prohibition order without a review period. This order effectively ends Mr. Taylor’s teaching career, reflecting the profession’s zero-tolerance policy towards such egregious misconduct.

The full decision is here

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