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£300 fine for Nottingham fly-tipper


A large pile of rubbish found in St Ann’s landed the culprit a £300 fine.

The pile found in Primrose Close was dealt with by the Sneinton and St Ann’s Community Protection Team.

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Nottingham’s one hundred Community Protection Officers work daily to fine people caught littering (£75 fine), fly-tipping (£300 fine) or dog fouling (£70 fine). Dog walkers are also fined £70 if they’re caught walking their dog without a poo bag to clean up after it.

In order to prevent flytips and dispose of rubbish properly, Nottingham City Council is one of a handful of councils in the UK that offer a completely free collection of large household waste items. In 2017/18 , over 43,000 items were collected. The most common items were broken washing machines, TVs, fridges, mattresses and sofas, but the free bulky waste operatives will take almost all household items. Nottingham residents can request a collection online at www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/bulkywaste

Everyone is being encouraged to keep Nottingham clean by picking up and binning a piece of litter when they are out and about. If everyone in the city picked up a piece of litter, it would make a huge difference, reducing the amount of litter lying around and sending a clear message that people in Nottingham take pride in their city, this includes fly-tipping.

In a recent survey respondents had passionate views about litter, saying “If you litter you don’t respect the place you’re in”, “I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to keep our city clean and litter free” and “I’m proud of my city and see it as an extension of my home. Litter goes in the bin at home.. It’s just downright wrong and stupid to drop litter outside.”


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