Friday 21 June 2024
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Almost 900 parking violations and 225 cars clamped in four months at Nottingham tram park and ride site

Nottingham Express Transit ( NET ) Nottingham’s tram operator has taken action against hundreds of motorists for unsafe parking at Forest Park and Ride.

Since October 2022 an enforcement process has been in force to prevent unsafe parking, overnight parking and parking without a tram ticket.

The rules apply to the whole car park site which is made up of 972 parking spaces.

Drivers who choose to park outside of bay markings or on the public walkways, as well as parking overnight, first receive a warning notice.

If the warning notice isn’t actioned by the motorist, the vehicles are then clamped.

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The owner of the vehicle has to pay a £140 fee to release it and, if a vehicle has to be towed away from the site, recovery costs £200 and an extra £35 per day in storage charges.

NET performance and progress documents to be shown at a meeting next week show that from October to the end of January there have been 886 parking violations, of which, 527 were warning notices, with 225 vehicles clamped.

NET said that the patrols have also contributed to the wider security of the network throughout the period.

Specifically, on 30 January, joyriders were spotted in the car park causing damage to another parked vehicle. The police were promptly called and assisted with investigations. People have also been deterred from fly tipping and assistance has been provided to a person whose car had a flat tyre.

5% of all paid penalties will be used to support local community charities.

Trevor Stocker, the head of operations for Nottingham Trams Limited, said:

“The two issues that are being addressed by the enforcement action are the increased numbers of customers parking unsafely outside designated bays, and the increase in the number of non-tram users parking at the site, with vehicles often being left overnight.

“It is important to ensure maximum capacity is available for tram customers using this facility.”

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