Monday 5 December 2022
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Bridgford Park littering: Police and Environmental Health to spot-check licensed premises in West Bridgford

Residents and visitors to Rushcliffe parks and open spaces are being asked to make the right choice and bin their rubbish responsibly.

Yesterday we reported on the high volumes of litter were left across Bridgford Park and Bridge Field in West Bridgford on May 30 and May 31 mirroring an unfortunate picture at many similar venues locally and nationally.

Rushcliffe Borough Council has responded to now ensure extra temporary yellow event bins are available for park users at the site to reflect its current higher footfall and its Streetwise teams will continue their regular clearance of bins across the park.

The authority is also working with Nottinghamshire Police to ensure increased patrols are maintained and other security officials will also have an increased visible presence at the site.

This will ensure anti-social behaviour and littering is lowered and back up messages seen at the park’s entrances to ensure social distancing is observed.

Environmental Health and Licensing teams and Police are now making unannounced high-profile visits to all licensed premises in the vicinity of Bridgford Road and Central Avenue in the town to further check arrangements in line with their current takeaway licences.

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Toilets at the park continue to be open and can be used safely and further temporary provision is being explored for Bridge Field.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Neighbourhoods Dave Banks said: “We are reminding park users of their responsibilities and this means making the right choice and always binning your rubbish.

“Thank you to those who always dispose of it in the right manner or take it home. The scenes at our parks and open spaces from a relative minority were unfortunate and we need everyone to play their part and not litter so they can keep the park clean and tidy for all to enjoy.

“National guidance on social distancing also continues to need to be followed at all times.

“We’re working with Police and partners to reassure residents too we are checking and working with licensed outlets across Rushcliffe.

“This includes making sure they have the necessary arrangements to operate safely in line with the terms of their licence and as ever we will take action wherever necessary.”