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West Bridgford
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Video: West Bridgford residents’ outrage at ‘huge gatherings’ and litter in Bridgford Park

Police received reports of anti-social behaviour.

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It’s not just here – it’s a scene being played out all across the parks in the UK after announcements on the easing of lockdowns were made.

The video and images were taken at 7:30 am on Sunday 31 May.

Streetwise had already filled two trucks with black bags full of rubbish.

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Mostly alcohol bottles and cans, pizza and other takeout food boxes, ‘laughing gas’ canisters and various other waste was left on Bridge Field after hundreds of people congregated there on Saturday 30 May.

West Bridgford residents' outrage at 'huge gatherings' and litter in Bridgford Park
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In addition, more residents report that their rear gardens were used as toilets.

West Bridgford is not alone, search on Google and most other local authorities in the country have had the same issues since the relaxation of lockdown rules and the reopening of takeaway bars.

West Bridgford residents' outrage at 'huge gatherings' and litter in Bridgford Park
© westbridgfordwire.com

In fairness, the staff at the bars on Central Avenue and Bridgford Road were taking part in trying to remove some of the waste yesterday. They’re trying to recover their independent businesses after three months of no revenue.

All that is asked is that people take their litter home, would they leave it there at any other local outdoor event?

West Bridgford residents' outrage at 'huge gatherings' and litter in Bridgford Park
© westbridgfordwire.com

The cost is left to the council, and therefore the local taxpayer to clean it up, the same scene is likely to play out again today as fine weather continues and people want to go outside and enjoy it.

West Bridgford residents' outrage at 'huge gatherings' and litter in Bridgford Park

One resident said:

‘I don’t think I can be the first to contact you about the disgusting behaviour of WB Residents on Bridge Fields.

‘Never mind the regulations concerning meeting people…it is upwards of 500 people using this shared space as a public lavatory.

‘The police, who did visit me, said they were powerless to take any action …..yet your own news reports they were able to disperse 100 people in Top Valley.

‘How come 500 could not be dispersed?

‘The bars are serving carry out but this is taken straight to the seating area of the fields

‘Surely the Council leaders and Police leaders have a lot of questions to answer as to how this was allowed to happen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and I would not be surprised if Sunday goes much the same way.”

Another said:

‘Can there be a story about the huge gathering of people on the field opposite the Black Pearl every evening, especially highlighting the individuals who like to use my dad’s garden (which backs on to the field) as a toilet.’

Other complaints are the ‘complete lack of social distancing’ as people wait at Central Avenue and Bridgford Road bars for drinks.

The Council issued this update following reports of littering and anti-social behaviour in Bridgford Park and Bridge Field in West Bridgford on Saturday May 30.

A Rushcliffe Borough Council spokesperson said: “Naturally we’re disappointed to see a relative minority of park users act irresponsibly to produce this volume of litter.


Nottinghamshire Police received reports of anti-social behaviour at around 5.50 pm on May 30 and officers attended as part of their increased patrols in the area.


“The issues are a symptom of a current national problem at parks and open spaces and Streetwise teams are responding as quickly as possible, having currently filled over 70 further bins bags full of items and are extending their usual hours at the park.


“Signage at the site outlines advice on observing social distancing measures and local rules and we are keen avoid more draconian measures which could include closing the park.


“We are reminding park users that toilets are open and can be used safely. We will continue to work with community safety partners to educate park users on keeping the park clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy.”