Monday 20 May 2024
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Council says these roads to be part of £460,000 gully cleansing, ditch and drainage repairs after floods

Nottinghamshire County Council has unveiled a plan aimed at enhancing some areas’ resilience to flooding.


Outlined in a report to the Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, it seeks to use additional resources and funding towards improving the area’s drainage infrastructure.

Since October 2023, over 100 towns and villages within Nottinghamshire have been affected by flooding or significant standing water, with the urgent need for enhanced flood mitigation strategies.

The council says that the report details an approach that includes both immediate and long-term measures to safeguard the community and its infrastructure from future flooding events.

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Funding and Execution Plan

Part of the proposal is the allocation of £467,000 in additional funding, drawn from both Via East Midlands’ existing budgets and Nottinghamshire County Council’s revenue budgets.

This investment will support a range of critical activities, including routine and reactive gully cleansing, alongside ditch and culvert works, crucial for maintaining the flow of water away from roads and properties.

Strategic Prioritisation and Works

The Council has developed a matrix ( below ) to ensure that efforts are concentrated where they are most needed.

Screenshot 2024 04 09 at 14.03.42

According to the council, this tool enables inspectors to evaluate drainage issues effectively, assigning a risk score based on factors such as the road’s nature, the extent of flooding, and the impact on private land and property.

Routine gully cleansing has been identified as a major part of the strategy, with plans to expand the program in response to the lessons learned from recent storms, including Storms Babet and Henk. The proposal outlines a targeted approach to cleanse gullies and offlets, ensuring clear and efficient drainage across affected and adjacent areas.

In reaction to identified blockages, a reactive gully cleansing effort will focus on quickly addressing defects, significantly reducing the backlog of maintenance works. Moreover, the initiative recognises the critical role of ditches and culverts in flood prevention, earmarking funds for cleaning and repairs in known problem areas.

Screenshot 2024 04 09 at 14.03.26
This table details the proposed works for drainage fault investigation, minor improvements and ditch works.

The Council plans to engage with partner organisations and neighbouring highway authorities to enhance road closure processes during floods.


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