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Council to discuss where almost 3,000 new homes will be built to meet housing shortage

Nearly 3,000 new homes need to be built in Gedling borough over a five-year period to meet the area’s housing shortage.

Gedling Borough Council is due to discuss its five-year supply on Wednesday, January 12, after publishing its latest report in December.

This includes where new homes will be built up to March 2026. The council has been asked to provide a delivery plan on behalf of the Government.

The local housing need for the five-year period is 2,315 homes, which is an annual figure of 463 homes multiplied by five years.

However, as a result, of the Housing Delivery Test 2020 result, the council needs to provide a 20 per cent buffer, which increases the housing target for the five-year period to 2,778 homes.

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Areas where new homes have already been allocated include the edge of Hucknall, with 521 homes identified in the local plan in places such as Top Wighay Farm, north of Papplewick Lane and Hayden Lane.

There have also been 546 homes identified in Calverton including Dark Lane, Main Street, Park Road and Flatts Lane.

Other areas include Ravenshead and Bestwood Village, in places such as The Sycamores, Westhouse Farm and Bestwood Business Park.

There are also 1,508 homes identified in the urban areas – Arnold (644) and Carlton (1,394).

Currently, the council’s estimations show an oversupply of 735 homes.

Deliverable sites in the plan include Teal Close in Carlton where 662 homes are built. The first housing phase of 199 homes is currently under construction.

The second housing phase of 353 homes is also currently under construction. There is a reserved matters application for the third and final housing phase of 277 dwellings pending consideration.

Rolleston Drive in Arnold is also another site where 131 homes have been handed planning permission and Brookfields Garden Centre in Arnold where 32 homes have been given outline planning permission.

Other sites include Willow Farm and Lindon Grove in Carlton; Lodge Farm Lane in Arnold and Howbeck Road and Mapperley Plains.

The five-year housing supply document will be noted and discussed at a Gedling Borough Council planning meeting on Wednesday, January 12.

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