Monday 2 October 2023
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Council to sell off derelict primary school in Mapperley Park

Nottingham City Council is planning to sell off a former primary school site which has stood derelict for 15 years.

Elms Primary School in Cranmer Street, Nottingham closed in 2008 following a school reorganisation.

The site was kept on for potential reuse for secondary education, but an alternative site was later identified to meet that need.

In 2019 the sale of the school, including the playing fields and caretaker’s house, to Blueprint Ltd was close to being completed.

The developer, which specialises in sustainable homes, is partly owned by the council and was behind redevelopment in the Meadows.

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However, the authority says “for a variety of reasons that option was not operated and the site remains with the City Council”.

“Since the school’s closure in 2008 there has been no reuse, the site has remained vacant and increasingly subject to vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour,” council documents say.

In 2019 Blueprint secured an ‘option agreement’ on the site for the development of housing.

An option agreement gives a developer the right to buy land, but does not tie them down.

The legal issues surrounding the disposal to Blueprint have now been resolved, according to the council, and the site boundary has been altered.

Around 0.425 acres, which includes a games surface, will be retained by the council due to restrictions made under the Nottingham Corporation Act 1883.

Ahead of an Executive Board meeting on September 19 it has been recommended councillors authorise the disposal to the previous holder of the option agreement.

If satisfactory sale terms cannot be agreed on, the site will go to open market.

While documents do not state how much the site is worth, it is understood to be over £750,000.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds have already been spent on the removal of asbestos from buildings.

Costs will also have to be budgeted for in relation to the retained land due to maintenance and security.

Council documents add: “The disposal will generate a significant capital receipt which can be used by the council as considered appropriate.

“Disposal will also release the council from its ongoing risk and financial liabilities.

“The disposal will encourage re-development of the heavily dilapidated buildings and extensive site, which will not only benefit the immediate neighbours to the site but, given the planning allocation, will most likely also contribute to the new homes target for the city.”

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