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Kerbside glass recycling starts across Nottinghamshire district

The first of Newark and Sherwood District Council’s kerbside glass recycling collections begin today.

The delivery of the brand new 140 litre, silver (with a teal lid) glass recycling bins is still ongoing so residents who opted into the service but have not received a bin yet do not need to worry.

The councils is still working to deliver the bins across the district and are on track for all residents to have received their new bins by the end of April. The schedule for the delivery of the new bins has been organised in order of collection rounds.

The introduction of the service means that across the district as soon as you receive your bin you can conveniently recycle your glass bottles and jars from your kerbside.

Once collected, they will be sent off to be recycled and transformed into new glass items. This avoids them going for incineration and will help increase the district’s recycling rate and reduce our carbon footprint!

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Collections are scheduled every eight weeks and your collection calendar is available on the District Council website:

You can sign up to receive free glass recycling bin reminders by registering on the resident portal MyNS and you will receive an email or text message reminders the day before your collection so you don’t forget to pop your bin out:

The decision to implement a kerbside glass recycling service followed a public survey last year which saw almost 93% of 6,315 respondents wanting to see it introduced.

You can put food jars, glass drink bottles, toiletry jars (that may have contained things such as face creams or aftershave), perfume bottles and reed diffuser bottles in your glass recycling bin. Items must be empty and clean with lids removed where possible, however labels can stay on.

Some common things that you can’t put into your glass recycling bin and should go into your green waste bin include oven-proof glass such as Pyrex, mirrors, drinking glasses, vases, nail varnish bottles, panes of window or greenhouse glass, microwave plates, spectacles and light bulbs and tubes. This is because these do not melt at the same temperature as the glass that you can recycle.

Councillor Keith Melton, Portfolio Holder for Climate Change said: “I hope residents are as excited as I am to see the first of our kerbside glass recycling collections commence.

“It may seem like it has taken some time to reach this point but as we have said before, the introduction of any new service takes time and our teams have worked extremely hard to get to the point we are at now.

“Recycling is an invaluable tool in our fight against climate change, and the glass recycling scheme is going to allow us, as a district, to increase our recycling rates, reduce the amount of waste sent to an ERF (Energy Recovery Facility), and take huge strides towards reaching our carbon net zero goals.”

In 2023, Newark and Sherwood hit its highest ever recycling rate meaning that more materials than ever were sent to be recycled as opposed to being put into general waste for incineration. The introduction of the kerbside glass recycling service will allow this figure to increase even more.

Carbon net zero means that any carbon emissions created are balanced out by taking the same amount out of the atmosphere. Net zero will be reached once the amount of carbon emissions added is no more than the amount removed.

Last year all households were able to opt in or out of receiving our new kerbside glass recycling bin. If you live in the majority of Newark and Sherwood, you were automatically opted into the scheme with the option of opting out if you wished to. Those residents who live in the area served by Recycling Ollerton and Boughton, had to opt into our scheme. These areas are Ollerton, Boughton, Walesby, Kirton, Edwinstowe, Eakring, Laxton, Egmanton, Bilsthorpe, Wellow and Rufford. If you wish to find out more about Recycling Ollerton and Boughton, please visit their website at

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