Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Live updates: Nottingham University Hospitals board meeting

Anna Whittaker covers today’s board meeting at NUH – agenda attached.


12:55 pm

Chief Operating Officer Lisa Kelly explains that flu cases have gone down however Covid cases “have not relented”

She said currently 108 patients in the hospital have tested positive for Covid.

Speaking of strike action – Ms Kelly adds 40 per cent of NUH’s physiotherapy workforce is striking today

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She says “That remains a challenge for the organisation. “An awful lot of preparation goes into those days”

11:34 am 

Chief Exec Anthony May is outlining his report ‘People First’

The report asks and endeavours to answer the question – “what will it take for NUH to achieve its potential and to recover after the most turbulent period in its history?”

10:50 am 

* Maternity update * There are 68 open Serious Incident cases (as of January 18th) Director of Midwifery Sharon Wallis says 41 of these Serious Incident investigations are expected to be complete by March (the original deadline was December)

More on this here: NUH fails to clear backlog of 41 serious maternity investigations by target date


10:19 am The board is now hearing a ‘patient story’ from those who have pioneered a project to provide wigs for cancer patients from a minority ethnic background.

– see the story from November 2022:

Pictures: Innovative Nottingham project aims to restore BAME cancer patients’ dignity

WhatsApp Image 2022 11 01 at 10.30.30 AM


09:51 Baby Wynter Andrews:

Chief Executive Anthony May said the trust pleaded guilty yesterday over failing to discharge safe care and treatment to Sarah and baby Wynter Andrews.

He said: “I would like to make a full and sincere apology to Mr and Mrs Andrews for the tragic loss of their baby”

“These were serious failing and they led to the worst possible outcome.

“I have accepted full responsibility for the findings of the CQC and accept full responsibility for the findings of the court tomorrow”

“I would like to pay tribute to Mr and Mrs Andrews because they have shown incredible courage during this process despite the fact that it has brought additional pain and suffering.

“Improvements have been made to maternity services but there is a lot more to do.”

“Mr May encourages anyone with concerns to contact Donna Ockenden


09:49 – The board is taking questions from the public.

Chair Nick Carver says: “We are an organisation that is accountable, we want to receive questions at this open board meeting”


9:30 am – Nottingham University Hospitals board meeting this morning A big agenda with 381 pages of board papers – and every seat in the audience is filled


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