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Minister congratulates West Bridgford primary school in achieving top 2% in country for Key Stage 2

Pierrepont Gamston Primary School in West Bridgford is celebrating after the Minister of State for Schools wrote to them about the achievements.

The school is performing significantly above the local and national averages in both the progress scores and the percentage of pupils meeting the expected and higher standards in reading, writing, and maths.

The average scaled scores in both reading and maths are also notably higher than the averages.


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In the letter sent on 5 February 2024 to Head teacher Aidan Sharp, Minister of State for Schools Damian Hinds congratulates the school for its ‘very high standard of achievement.

Claire Bills is currently head teacher at the school, Aidan Sharp was the previous head who recently moved on.

Mrs Bills said: “Staff, governors and parents are absolutely delighted to be able to share and celebrate the success of the year 6s who left us last year.

“This is a fantastic achievement for the school where academic excellence is valued highly as well as ensuring that children receive a well rounded high quality of education- ensuring every child flourishes and fulfils their potential.

“These results are testament to the excellent school leader Mr Sharp who came before me and whose legacy I continue to build upon.

“We have an amazing team of staff who work incredibly hard to support all children and this is reflected in these results.”

It reads:

Mr Aiden Sharp, Pierrepont Gamston Primary School, Coledale, Nottinghamshire NG2 6TH

‘I would like to congratulate you, your staff and your pupils on the very high standard of achievement demonstrated in the reading, writing and mathematics Key Stage 2 assessment last year.

‘Your school’s results, as published on 14 December, show that 90 per cent of your pupils reached or exceeded the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. This means that for achievement in reading, writing and mathematics, Pierrepont Gamston Primary School is in the top 2 per cent of primary schools in the country.

‘The government wants to ensure that every child has the fluency in reading, writing and mathematics necessary to prepare them for a successful secondary education and beyond, which is why I was delighted to see your results.

‘Thank you for your work in continuing the drive towards higher academic standards, and congratulations again to you and your staff for your commitment and success.

‘With best wishes.

‘Yours sincerely,

‘Damian Hinds Minister for Schools’


  • There are 45 pupils considered in the reading assessment.
  • The school’s progress score in reading is significantly above average at 2.31.


  • The number of pupils assessed for writing is also 45.
  • The school’s progress score in writing is above average at 2.61.


  • In maths, 45 pupils are evaluated.
  • The progress score for maths is 3.13, which is above average.

Combined Reading, Writing, and Maths Performance

  • Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard or higher:
    • For combined assessments, the pupil count is slightly higher at 48.
    • An impressive 90% of pupils have met or exceeded the expected standard, which is significantly higher than both the local authority average (60%) and the national average (59%).
  • Percentage of pupils achieving the higher standard:
    • Still considering 48 pupils, 15% have achieved a higher standard.
    • This performance is over double the local authority average of 7% and nearly double the national average of 8%.

Average Scaled Score

  • Reading:
    • With 48 pupils assessed, the school’s average scaled score in reading is 109.1.
    • This score is higher than both the local authority average of 104.7 and the national average of 105.1.
  • Maths:
    • The average scaled score in maths for the school is 109.4, again for 48 pupils.
    • This score is higher than the local authority and national average, which are both 104.2.


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