Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Nottingham City Transport EasyRider EveryDay fares increase by up to 11% on Monday

Easyrider Everyday fares increase from Monday 28th February 2022.

  • The Easyrider Everyday 7 day and 31 day passes will increase for adults, students and under 19s.
  • The Easyrider Everyday 2 week pass and direct debit renewal method will be withdrawn.

These are the first price rises to Easyrider in just under three years and are necessary to reflect increases in operating costs.

The new prices are shown below (passes not shown are not changing):

Easyrider Everyday Adult
Period of TravelCurrent PriceNew Price
7 Day£18.00£19.00
14 Day£35.00Withdrawn
31 Day£58.00£60.00
31 Day Direct Debit£55.00Withdrawn


Easyrider Everyday Student
Period of TravelCurrent PriceNew Price
7 Day£15.30£16.15
14 Day£29.75Withdrawn
31 Day£49.30£51.00


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Easyrider Everyday Under 19
Period of TravelCurrent PriceNew Price
7 Day£9.00£10.00
14 Day£17.00Withdrawn


Easyrider Everyday Further Adult, Student and Under 19: 14 Day passes are withdrawn.

Easyrider Everyday Further Adult and Under 19: 31 Day Direct Debit are withdrawn.

7 and 31 day passes on the NCTX Buses app will also increase to match the new Easyrider prices.

Anthony Carver-Smith, Head of Marketing said: “Due to rising operating costs we’ve regretfully had to increase the price of some of our Easyrider Everyday passes. This is the first time Easyrider prices have increased since March 2019.

“Nottingham City Transport is dedicated to providing safe and cost effective bus travel for Nottingham.

“Our Easyrider smartcards remain the best way to help customers save money whilst enjoying unlimited, all day travel across our entire network”.

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