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Resident says she would leave Beeston after 38 years after flats get green light

A Beeston woman says she is so upset over a development next to her home she would be prepared to “sell her house tomorrow” to get away from it.

The plans are for nine apartments in Grove Street, Beeston, on the site of the New Jerusalem Church, which is now due to be demolished.

Applicant Nottingham Developments Ltd applied to Broxtowe Borough Council to build the one and two bedroom apartments.

But resident June Cobley said she is now planning to move home after 38 years living next-door to the site.

She raised concerns that the new build homes would block light for her solar panels.

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Council documents say that the developer had amended the plans to reduce the building down to two storeys next to Mrs Cobley’s house which they felt was “sufficient to allow light to be received by the solar panels”.

A total of 15 residents objected to the plans, but officers say the impact on neighbours are outweighed by the benefits of the development.

Speaking during a Broxtowe Borough Council meeting to decide the plan, Ms Cobley said: “The main reservation is that of parking.

“Nine flats are planned with 15 bedrooms between them whilst only eight parking spaces are to be provided.

“Local residents are concerned that each flat could have two plus cars which will force the rest to park on local roads.

“Local narrow streets already suffer from heavy parking from station users and others.

“Dovecote Lane is also a major rat run to and from the Rylands.

“Local residents feel the development is not in keeping with the architecture of Dovecote Lane which is mainly Victorian and one of the oldest roads in the area.

“Three storeys is too high and it will have windows overlooking several houses.

“We had solar panels installed in 1990 and over the years they have saved us thousands of pounds. Three storeys will block light falling onto our panels.”

Councillors overall voted to approve the plan, with one councillor abstaining on the vote during the meeting on November 2.

Eight parking spaces are planned for nine flats.

Councillor Lydia Ball (Con) said during the meeting: “It is a building which is boarded up and I do feel that it would be ideal for redevelopment.

“It’s a very nice area and I am sympathetic towards the resident but we don’t live in the Victorian ages any more and we have got to move forward.

“It’s going to house people and we desperately need more housing.”

Councillor Margaret Handley (Ind) added: “I have some sympathy with the lady who has spoken, it must be very difficult.

“In terms of the design, we cannot live in the Victorian age forever. We are living in a modern age.”

Council papers stated that “the appearance of a new development should not have to replicate the traditional design of neighbouring properties for it to be acceptable”.

Councillor Robert Willimott (Con) added: “It’s a very untidy corner of the area on this rather forsaken building.

“This is certainly going to be an improvement on that.

“I agree we should be building a modern building, not imitating a building of the Victorian era.”

Speaking after the meeting, Ms Cobley said she was “absolutely gutted” about the plans being approved.

She said: “It used to be a nice place to live when we moved in 1984, but now I want to leave the area.

“They’re all telling us to be green but they’re going to allow these homes to shade our solar panels.

“I’m happy for it to be developed but three stories is too many.

“We’re going to have windows overlooking our garden too and at least a two-storey brick wall shading the house.

“We’ve been told it will be young professionals living there and they will have a car each.

“I would have it on the market tomorrow. The area has gone downhill.

“It just seemed as though the councillors didn’t care.”

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