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Separate event tender processes for Winter Wonderland and Nottingham Beach worth £4.5m to be discussed

The current contract, held by Mellors Group Events since 2016, is set to expire after Christmas 2023, necessitating a new tender process for the subsequent five years.


Nottingham City Council’s Commissioning and Procurement Executive Committee will meet on 10 October 2023 to discuss the re-tendering of the summer and winter events in the Old Market Square for the years 2024-2028.

The events, notably Winter Wonderland and Nottingham Beach, are pivotal for the city, enhancing its shopping experience, events calendar, and overall reputation, says the city council.

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Nottingham Beach 25 July 2022

They describe them as distinguishing Nottingham as a unique destination, contributing significantly to the local economy and community engagement.

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Old Market Square is recognised as an exceptional commercial location, and the re-tendering aims to ensure the continuation of high-quality winter and summer experiences, maximising value for the city’s residents.

The committee, led by Corporate Director Colin Parr and Portfolio Holder Councillor Pavlos Kotsonis, has recommended authorising the Head of Events and Tourism to undertake separate tender processes for the winter and summer events.

The delegated authority will also enable the appointment of preferred suppliers and the finalisation of contracts for each event for a maximum period of five years.

The decision to re-tender is aligned with financial and procurement regulations and aims to test market creativity and innovation, allowing a diverse range of suppliers to submit tenders.

The council has considered and rejected several other options, including continuing with the current provider, ceasing the concession for the events, and delivering the event in-house, due to concerns related to compliance, value, and potential costs and risks.

The total value of the decision is estimated at £4.5 million, based on the total estimated turnover for the two events.

The re-tendering process is designed to mitigate risks associated with contract amounts, supplier interest, and delays in procurement, ensuring best value and compliance with the Council’s contract procedure rules and Concession Contract Regulations.

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The tender process will incorporate considerations related to safety, security, social value, public health, equality, data protection, and environmental impact. The events are expected to continue to drive visitors to Nottingham, increasing local employment and trade, and offering a variety of activities for residents and visitors alike.

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