Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Trowell Fire: Behind-the-scenes image and commentary show the bravery of our firefighters

In the photo are Breathing Apparatus Team Alpha 2 as they committed in to the building.

A spokesperson for Stapleford Fire Station who attended the fire explains decision-making and safety measures as well as the effort to protect property and people:

‘Now it’s not as easy as just sending them in, it’s done in a highly calculated way, taking in to account a number of factors. Here we’d looked at the benefit of sending them in against the risk to the crew members.

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‘They were tasked by me, to enter the building and to take no more than 3 footsteps past the door. Using a 45 millimetre main jet and a thermal imaging camera, they were to stop the fire spreading to the left of the building.

‘Greg was appointed as their Entry Control Operative and using radios and a telemetry board, where he can monitor their breathing rates, air consumption, cylinder content and movement through a series or motion activated alarms.

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‘Firefighters Sheldon and Bennet committed in to the risk area. Closely monitored by me a BA supervisor and Greg, as we stood by with another team and safety jets.

‘They weren’t in the building long, before they noticed some signs of collapse from an internal wall. At this point the risk to them became too great and we pulled them back to the door way.’

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