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11 June: No deaths with coronavirus at Nottinghamshire hospitals – total 378

Deaths with coronavirus reported by hospitals in Nottinghamshire. Figures show deaths at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust by day over time.

Figures will be released daily and the graphic updated. Note that we have to go back in time as the figures are amended in retrospect – see notes. The total figures are accurate. 

The Daily data contains only deaths from the latest reporting period, 5 pm 2 days prior to publication until 5 pm the day before publication. The Total number contains is all reported deaths.

From Tuesday 28 April, NHS England and NHS Improvement started to report the number of patient deaths where there has been no COVID-19 positive test result, but where COVID-19 is documented as a direct or underlying cause of death on part 1 or part 2 of the death certification process.

Deaths with coronavirus reported by hospitals in Nottinghamshire
photo Robin Macey

This change has been introduced for deaths that occurred on 24th April and since that date.

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Interpretation of the figures should take into account the fact that totals by date of death are likely to be updated in future releases for more recent dates. For example, a positive result for COVID-19 may occur days after confirmation of death. Cases are only included in the data when the positive COVID-19 test result is received, or death certificate confirmed with COVID-19 mentioned. This results in a lag between a given date of death and exhaustive daily death figures for that day.

Deaths with coronavirus reported by hospitals in Nottinghamshire is taken from NHS England figures – These figures are scheduled to be updated at 2pm each day and include confirmed death cases reported at 5pm the previous day.

Confirmation of COVID-19 diagnosis, death notification, death certificates and reporting in central figures can take up to several days and the hospitals providing the data are under significant operational pressure. This means that the totals reported at 5pm on each day may not include all deaths that occurred on that day or on recent prior days.

These figures do not include deaths outside hospital, such as those in care homes. This approach makes it possible to compile deaths data on a daily basis using up to date figures.

NOTE: As part of a continual process to improve the quality and accuracy of the dataset recording COVID-19 -related deaths in English hospitals, revisions may be made to historic data included in each day’s publication. As a result, the data available is improved. An example of a revision may be where a death is reported to NHS England where no positive COVID-19 test result is recorded by the hospital trust, but where COVID-19 is later recorded on the death certificate. In this type of circumstance, a positive COVID-19 test result may be received subsequently, and the record would therefore be revised.

Deaths with coronavirus reported by hospitals in Nottinghamshire

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