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Bridgford Park littering: Council licensing compliance teams and police visit businesses – and extra toilets installed on Bridge Field

One of the premises received a written warning for breaching the terms of their licence.


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We reported a few days ago on the public outrage at large gatherings on Bridge Field, which was left strewn with waste from products purchased from local businesses, and retail packs of alcohol and food.

As well as the sheer volume of waste, residents reported their garden being used as toilets.

Environmental Health, Licensing teams and Police made unannounced high-profile visits to all licensed premises in the vicinity of Bridgford Road and Central Avenue in the town to further check arrangements in line with their current takeaway licences.

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Police patrolled the field on Monday 1 June

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping said:

He said: “Over the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there have been large groups of people in the park and in the evening behaving badly.

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West Bridgford Police and council licensing officials hold a socially-distanced briefing during the operation

“It has come from a couple of businesses ‘selling off-sales alcohol in a way that breached conditions.’ There has been extra police because it has got out of hand.”

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Extra toilets have been installed on Bridge Field
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Inspector Craig Berry, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Rushcliffe, who covers West Bridgford, added: “On Monday 1st June, police licensing officers along with officers from Rushcliffe Borough Council visited several licensed premises in West Bridgford to ensure they were operating legally and within the restrictions and guidelines imposed by the Government.

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“All premises visited were advised on what the current guidelines allow – and encouraged to maintain best practice in relation to off-sales from premises that are licensed to do so.

“One of the premises received a written warning for breaching the terms of their licence.

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Bridgford Park littering: Police and Environmental Health to spot-check licensed premises in West Bridgford

“These premises have been visited again on Tuesday, June 2 to reinforce the message and ensure compliance. Any breaches of licensing legislation will be dealt with robustly and will not be tolerated.”

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The litter left behind last weekend

Dave Banks, Rushcliffe Borough Council’s executive manager for neighbourhoods explained that all licensed premises received a visit.

Mr Banks said: “Following a number of complaints, our licensing and environmental health teams joined Nottinghamshire Police on 1 June and visited all the licensed premises on Central Avenue and Bridgford Road to scrutinise their arrangements and management plans for sales of alcohol and COVID-19 security to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

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“We are supporting partners with advice to four outlets and any action that is felt necessary in line with our advice, education and enforcement approach.”

Rushcliffe Borough Council has responded to now ensure extra temporary yellow event bins are available for park users at the site to reflect its current higher footfall and its Streetwise teams will continue their regular clearance of bins across the park.

The authority is also working with Nottinghamshire Police to ensure increased patrols are maintained and other security officials will also have an increased visible presence at the site.


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