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Caravan arsonist jailed for two years

A drunk offender who set fire to a caravan inside a timber yard has been jailed.

James Morton caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the business in Tranker Lane, Worksop, when the caravan went up in flames on 1 March 2023.

He had been drinking in a nearby pub with the yard’s owner earlier that night.

Pub staff refused to serve Morton any longer because of his unacceptable behaviour inside the venue and he left after drinking around six pints of beer.

Morton, aged 24, walked to Tranker Lane where he climbed over a fence and set fire to the caravan which was parked inside the timber yard.

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The business is located close to a residential caravan park and there were concerns the fire would spread.

Morton, of Worksop, was jailed for two years when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday (16 February).

He had earlier pleaded guilty to arson.

Detective Constable Lauren Carpenter, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Thankfully our colleagues at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were able to quickly bring the flames under control – but that is no thanks to Morton.

“He got drunk and then lit the fire before fleeing from the scene.

“Detectives were able to prove he was responsible after analysing mobile phone data and checking many hours of CCTV footage.

“Arson is an extremely serious offence because it puts people living nearby, and members of the emergency services called to the scene, at risk.

“It can also cost businesses thousands of pounds to repair the damage and clean up, potentially putting their future in jeopardy.”

Group Manager Tom Staples, from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“We take deliberate fire setting very seriously at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service, and will always work closely with our partners to hold people accountable.

“We will always be there for our communities when you are in need, but not only do deliberate fires put people at risk, they take us away from other emergencies.”

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