Monday 22 April 2024
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Council cross-party highway panel plans to improve roads in Nottinghamshire

A cross-party Highways Review Panel to review how to repair and maintain the highways of Nottinghamshire has been given the go ahead.

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of a motion proposed by the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Ben Bradley, MP to set up a new panel that would oversee new methods to improve the roads of the county after it was confirmed as one of the key priorities of the new administration.

The panel will comprise politicians from all parties who will work together to examine a range of methods and technologies that are used to repair and maintain the county’s roads and suggest recommendations for improvement.

Councillor Ben Bradley MP, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Undoubtedly, the biggest issue on the doorstep during the elections was roads maintenance and potholes.  Unlike any other services the road network affects almost everyone.

“It’s not for lack of investment or criticism of our front-line staff who are doing a great job under difficult circumstances.  The responsibility rests with us now, to get this right. We have made a huge effort to resolve this in the past but it’s clear that the improvements haven’t been enough. So, we need to go back and look at the policies and the techniques and technologies involved and ask ourselves why we do things the way we do things.

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“This can’t be fixed overnight. It will take time and investment, but our residents expect us to listen. I’m determined to show improvements on how we do this work. This will be done from a cross-party approach. We need constructive ideas and suggestions.

“We’re recognising that this is something we need to do quickly but that it’s something that needs to be challenged together.”

Councillor Neil Clarke, also elected as the Committee Chair of the Transport and Environment Committee will take charge of delivering improvements to the county’s highways:

“The public has told us loudly and clearly what they were concerned about, and highways was number one. We all know that there is work to be done and by setting up this cross-party panel we have demonstrated we are listening to our residents and that we are ready to act and to do something.

“It’s a huge issue, and by its nature is constantly in the public eye and is a high-profile issue. Every resident in Nottinghamshire looks at a road every day of the week so this matters to us all. Not every road or pothole will be repaired tomorrow or next week. We need time. However, it is perfectly valid for the public to ask lots of questions about how we do things. This review will mean we can see if there are better ways to do things to deliver sustainable repairs using the best practice and best innovations out there.”

It needs to be a cross party approach because we need the spirit of cooperation. It’s a county-wide problem which is why we need to work together.”

The Cross Party Highways Panel will report its recommendations to Policy Committee, and any policy changes agreed by that committee will then be applied, managed and overseen by the Transport and Environment Committee

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