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Man jailed for 12 years for a ‘terrifying’ string of stabbings and robberies across Nottingham

He denied the offences but was found guilty of one charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, five charges of robbery, two charges of theft from a house, and four charges of possession of bladed article.


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A man described as “a danger to the community” has been locked up for 12 years after stabbing a man five times and committing a string of terrifying knife-point robberies.

Twenty-two-year-old Kaison Midgley, of no fixed address, stabbed a man five times in an unprovoked attack after drinking with people in a flat in Hartley Road, Radford.

He had left the flat but returned half an hour later, pushing past people to carry out the attack at 2.30am on 14 December.

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The victim was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre, although his injuries weren’t life-altering or threatening.

Midgley also threatened a man in the early hours of the same morning, saying “Give me your wallet or I’ll kill you. Do you want to be killed tonight?”

Midgley caught on CCTV before attacking a victim and stealing money

The demand came after he had followed the man in Norwood Road, Hyson Green, and asked him directions to the local supermarket. Whilst giving him the directions, the victim felt a bump to his shoulder blade and saw a bladed knife.

The terrified victim threw £50 on the floor after Midgley threatened him. He later attended hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Midgley had previously been involved in a number of incidents last year including stealing money from a woman on 4 October, a mobile phone and cash from a man in Utile Gardens, Bulwell on 10 October, as well as stealing a mobile phone from a house in Calver Close, Wollaton on 23 October.

He was also found guilty of a series of robberies last year including stealing another mobile phone, a charger and a lighter from a man in London Road on 26 November. He threatened the victim with a bread knife and said: “don’t make me stab you bro.” The victim handed over his possessions.

His crimes didn’t stop there. He also stole four cans of lager and three packets of cigarettes from a man who had just purchased them from a shop in St Ann’s on 1 December 2019. Again he threatened the victim with a bread knife and asked him “do you want me to carry your bags for you?”

Midgley also stole a number of items from man he was socialising with in a house in Vincent Gardens, Hyson Green, on 9 December 2019. He took an iPhone 8, Armani watch, Apple air pods and jewellery.

Again, he threatened the victim with a knife and asked him to wipe his phone before leaving.

Midgley also ran after a man and threatened to kill him whilst brandishing a knife after asking him for a cigarette in Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, on 17 December 2019. The victim said he didn’t smoke and walked on – but seconds later Midgley ran after him holding a knife, saying: “don’t move, I will kill you.”

He then asked what he had with him, removing his wallet from his jacket. The offender then said: “If you give me £200 I will give you your stuff back.” Midgley took his headphones off him and threw them over a fence, before taking his iPhone and a chain. He then snapped the phone in half, causing injuries to his hand and also threw the phone over the fence, before walking off.

Officers arrested Midgley the next day at Browns Croft in Old Basford and found him to be in possession of the victim’s jewellery and the red handed knife as described.

Midgley was seen to jump out the back bedroom window, but fell through the porch. He was detained and arrested for the multiple offences at around 5am. He was in possession of the stolen items and officers searched the rest of the property to find further knives.

He denied the offences but was found guilty of one charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, five charges of robbery, two charges of theft from a house, and four charges of possession of bladed article.

Detective Constable Parminder Ahluwalia led the investigation. His team used local CCTV footage, victim statements and searched Midgley’s property on arrest to ensure he was charged.

He said: “This was a lengthy and complex investigation and there has been a lot of great work by officers to ensure justice has been done and put Midgley behind bars for a number of incidents at the end of last year. Officers have shown a real tenacity and enthusiasm and it was a real good team effort, so I’d like to praise their efforts.

“Midgley is a danger to the community and we are happy with the sentence given considering all the offences including stabbing a man five times which left him hospitalised. The sentence given reflects the callous actions and we hope the victims can now begin to leave this awful episode in their lives behind them knowing this man is locked up in prison for the foreseeable future.

“Nottinghamshire Police takes these kind of assaults, theft and robbery very seriously.

“I’d like to praise all the victims for coming forward and reporting the incidents to the police. Without then and their bravery we wouldn’t have got such a lengthy jail term.”

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