Sunday 25 February 2024
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Woman’s quick thinking praised as she photographs suspected boat burglar

A boat burglary suspect was detained by police after the victim took a photo on her mobile phone.

Police were able to locate a man wearing distinctive red gloves nearby after being shown an image of the alleged intruder.

A couple living on a boat were reportedly woken by someone trying to open their doors, after hearing the disturbance one of them went out onto the back of the boat to investigate.

As she opened the doors, it is reported she came face-to-face with a stranger trying to get inside.

The woman challenged the man, who was said to have had her shopping trolley with him, before he fled.

As he ran away, the woman took pictures of the man, which officers were shown as they arrived on scene.

Within minutes of being called to the Nottingham/Beeston Canal near Castle Marina Road, The Meadows, officers tracked down a suspect whose clothing matched that of the man in the photograph. He was also reported to have a litter picker, taken from the boat

Officers arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of attempted burglary in relation to the incident, which is believed to have taken place just after 3.55am on Tuesday (10 August 2021). He was later further arrested for theft and has since been bailed with conditions.

Police Constable Imran Ahmed, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Seeing a stranger on their property and attempting to get into their home, which for most people is a safe space, must have been extremely frightening for this couple.

“It is often a significant invasion of privacy and can leave people feeling unsafe in their own homes, and as a result the impact of burglary can be extensive. Our dedicated team fully understand that and that’s why together with local officers we will work swiftly to determine what happened in any such reports and take appropriate action.

“An arrest was made shortly after officers were called to the scene. Enquiries are still ongoing and we would ask anyone with information or anyone who witnessed the incident to get in touch on 101, quoting incident 64 of 10 August 2021.”