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Man jailed after being seen on CCTV carrying a stolen TV

He was also found guilty of four commercial burglaries in Newark.


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A 31-year-old man has been jailed after he was caught on CCTV carrying a stolen TV to a local shop to sell minutes after the crime had been committed.

He also left a stubbed out cigarette at the scene of the crime which forensic officers found his fingerprints on.

Cameron Wragg, of no fixed address, was jailed for one year after being convicted at Nottingham Crown Court of house burglary,

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He was also found guilty of four commercial burglaries in Newark in which he stole a computer, a mobile phone, a lawnmower and a leaf blower from a garden shed and other electronic equipment.

He was also charged with theft of a bicycle in the town this summer.

The house burglary charge relates to an incident on 1 August at a house in Victoria Gardens, Newark, when Wragg broke into a house, climbing through a bathroom window and stole a television.

Information was passed onto officers that the 40ins TV was being sold at a local store, minutes after committing the burglary.

Detective Sergeant Jamie Moore led the investigation. He said: “This was a good joint effort between departments, with response officers working tirelessly to track down Wragg following the incident and detectives ultimately securing the charge and conviction.

“Response officers did an excellent job at the scene, recovering a stubbed cigarette, which was unusual as the victims don’t smoke, near to the bathroom window which he entered.

“Forensic teams investigated the cigarette and fingerprints were found which linked it back to Wragg.

“After extensive searching through CCTV, he was spotted walking in the direction of the Newark Market Place pushing a bike and carrying the stolen TV.

“We were able to quickly visit the store, explain the situation and return the TV to the victims.

“Officers located Wragg on the street and he was arrested for the incident.

“We welcome this sentencing and hope that it will give the victims some closure for what happened to them. I’d like to thank and praise the victims who have been brave throughout the investigation.”

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