Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Ruddington’s Ruddy Fine Gin the first ever to be guest gin at the House of Commons

Ruddy Fine Gin becomes the first guest gin served in the House of Commons.


Founder and Director Rory Thorpe said: 


“When Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards visited our Distillery last year and we cheekily asked if she could get our Gin into the House of Commons, in honesty we had no expectation that it would happen.

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“At the time she said it was certainly worth a go and after a very pleasant visit talking all things Gin and Bees (her husband is a fellow Beekeeper) she left, distillery life carried on and we assumed it had all been forgotten.

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“Then out of the blue a few weeks ago we received an email link from her office showing Ruth in the House of Commons putting the question to the then Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg, requesting his assistance in getting our delicious Ruddy Fine Gin into the Estate. 

“After stating that he was “all in favour of Ruddy Fine Gin” and no doubt a great deal of wrangling behind the scenes, we were invited to the Strangers Bar at the House of Commons to celebrate our Ruddy Fine Gin being made available to MP’s from all parties to enjoy in their downtime.


“From humble beginnings with Cheryl and I making Gin in our kitchen in Ruddington as a hobby, Ruddy Fine Gin has now become the first Guest Gin in history to be served in the House of Commons and we could not be more proud!


“Huge thanks to Ruth Edwards and her team for all their assistance in making this happen and giving us such an amazing day and we hope very much that our Gin is enjoyed by MP’s from all over the Country.  What a great way to showcase just one of the fantastic artisan products Nottinghamshire has to offer.”  


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