Thursday 22 February 2024
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Ruddington residents concerned village ‘cannot take any more new homes’

Concerns have been raised the village of Ruddington will not be able to cope with more new homes if planning approval is granted for properties on a former green belt site.

William Davis Homes wants to build 24 new homes on land east of Loughborough Road in the village, close to the A60 and Balmore Nursing Home.

The homes, consisting of two to four-bedroom designs, will include seven which are designated as affordable.

William Davis has already built a previous development on land close by.

Rushcliffe Borough Council had not adopted the land involved in the latest development as part of its Local Plan in October 2019, but the site has now been released from the Green Belt.

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Ruddington Parish Council has objected to the plans calling the application “over intensive.” A ward councillor for the area has also said the same.

Six neighbouring properties were consulted and some concerns were raised ranging from ‘loss of green belt land’, to ‘insufficient amenities to cope with additional residents’ and increased traffic.

Rushcliffe Borough Council, which will decide the application, says Ruddington can sustain around 525 homes in total adjacent to the village.

To accommodate this growth, four sites around Ruddington were removed from the Green Belt.

The 525 homes is not expressed as a maximum, it said.

Environmental Health department officers said there are “potential noise sources in the vicinity of the site, including the A60 and the residential care home adjacent to the proposed development site”.

But planning officers at the council believe the application should be granted planning permission.

They said: “The site is located within Ruddington, one of the council’s identified key rural sustainable settlements identified for growth.

“The scheme accords with the development plan as a whole, but the balance of material considerations also weighs in its favour.

“Consequently, it is recommended that the planning committee support the resolution to grant planning permission, subject to the completion of a Section 106 in respect of contributions for infrastructure, affordable housing and primary education.”

Councillors will decide the fate of the application when they meet on Thursday, May 12 at a Rushcliffe Borough Council planning meeting.

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