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Police crackdown on Central Avenue motorists ignoring restrictions

Police targeted motorists using Central Avenue when traffic restrictions apply.

It’s the first time since 30 July, 2015 any action has been taken against motorists ignoring the traffic restriction on the avenue in West Bridgford.

West Bridgford Wire worked on this issue back then, and officers stopped vehicles then too to remind them of the rules.

Since then nothing has been done that we’re aware of to tackle the issue. The study we carried out back then showed 40 vehicles per hour using the avenue as a normal road.

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The 30 July 2015 action taken by police
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Police said today:

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‘Officers in West Bridgford received complaints from community leaders and members of the public about traffic restrictions being repeatedly ignored in Central Avenue.

‘They also carried out a separate operation on Radcliffe Road to provide advice to drivers about a reduction in the speed limit.’

Sergeant Sarah Merrall, of Nottinghamshire Police, said:

“Both these operations involved educating drivers after concerns were raised to us about issues at these locations. I’d like to thank the motorists we spoke to for their cooperation.

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“We regularly receive information from local residents about the wide range of issues that affect their lives and will always do our best to tackle the concerns that are most important to them.

“Speeding and motoring offences are understandably issues that residents are concerned about, and I would like to reassure people that officers take them seriously.”

Officers from the Rushcliffe Operation Reacher team headed to Central Avenue at the end of last month.

A total of 12 vehicles were stopped and given advice about the restrictions, which include the road being prohibited to traffic between 7 am- 7 pm except on Sundays.

Sgt Merrall added: “We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months to ensure more drivers are made aware of the restrictions in both locations.

“Neighbourhood policing is about good communication with the people in our communities so I would ask anyone who has any concerns about where they live to get in touch with us or speak to any of our officers out on patrol.”

Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council, Cllr Simon Robinson, said: “We were very supportive of this operation to make motorists further aware of the rules on the use of Central Avenue for vehicles and why restrictions are in place to limit traffic and make this a more pedestrian and cycle friendly area.

“We look forward to working with Nottinghamshire Police on similar future operations and ensuring the message is clear local signage must be followed. It’s vital for this part of the town centre.”

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