Jewellery from 7th Century found in Rushcliffe location

© York Archaeological Trust

The jewellery worn by a woman who was buried in the 7th century has been declared treasure after being found in Rushcliffe.

It includes a buckle studded with garnets, a round brooch and the remains of a knife whose wooden handle has rotted away.

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The items were found in a grave during earthmoving works in the parish of Rempstone.

The body has been lost because of the soil conditions.

Nottingham assistant coroner Stephanie Haskey, declared it to be treasure and said she hopes it may eventually be displayed in this area.

Experts say it is impossible to value.

It is currently in the British Museum.

The buckle has a ziz-zag design which may reflect French patterns of the time.

The discovery was made by a team from Trent and Peak Archaeology who were called in because of the sensitivity of the site.

The precise location is being kept secret to deter people with metal detectors.

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